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Abraham von Franckenberg - The Key to the House of David (1646) [beta]

This is an Appendix of Abraham von Franckenberg's publication [1646] of Guillaume Postel's 'Absconditorum clavis, ou La Clé des choses cachées et l'Exégèse du Candélabre mystique dans le tabernacle de Moyse' [The Key of Secrets, or, The Key of Hidden Things and the Exegesis of the Mystic Candelabra in the tabernacle of Moses.], first published by Postel in 1547. Franckenberg served as the Editor, and added several appendixes, of which "The Key of David" is one. In the text below, Franckenberg is the "Editor", and Postel is the "Author". 

In latin, the opening greeting is "Salve Philomysta". Philomysta doesn't seem to exist elsewhere, and is probably a combination of Philo (philosophy) and "mysta", which translates to "deacon", "priest", and other variations through it's connection to "magister sacrorum". A more literal translation would be "Officiating Priest of Philosophy".

Translation and diagram are my own. 

The Editor’s Key
The Author’s Key

Greetings Master of Philosophy.

I. We give you the Key to enter the Sanctuary; receive it with purified hands, and do not enter with unclean feet, for it is necessary to go chastely to the Gods; it's the law. For if you attract beforehand (by the Decrees and Secrets of the Initiates) the Universal Sapience, and if you know in advance the Tetrachord or Quadriga of Apollo, then you will understand more easily and more happily without doubt, the science of  מרכבה (Merkabah), the Chariot of Isra-El, with the Sefirot and the other wheels [spheres] of the Cherubic or Biblical Sapience. By this fight, sometimes Poetic, sometimes Prophetic, penetrated and anointed by the breath of the Holy Spirit, touched and drawn by his attendance, you will escape Divinely from the fortress where you are a prisoner.

II. This is the goal that our Initiate pursued in Chapter 15 when he showed the Spirit contemplating the magnificences and wonders of God and nature that must be known and sought in the interior of the veil. Eternal truth. And it is by this mystical artifice that the three straight lines or three points of the Circle or Triangle of the sacred mono-triad are united and sealed by the fourth or Radical center of this Divine science in the Unity or Sacred Sanctuary Deification.

Table which holds the keys to understanding Chapter 15, abbreviated to make it easier to learn.

III. Collect more grain of the same meal, and chew deeply, if you wish to thoroughly understand the Holy Bible (the doctors of the soul, τα τής ψυκής φάρμακα): the abbot Joachim, Giovanni Pico de Mirandola, Jean Reuchlin, Henry Corneilus Agrippa, Francois Georgius, Paulus Schalichius, Paulus Brunus, Jacob Brocardus, William Ouciacus, Giordano Bruno, Peter Bongus, Jules Sperterus, Philip Zigler, John Bureus, and the other initiates of the greatest peoples, Greeks, Chaldeans, or Hebrews. right here; and listens to and observes what they have taught in writing about the mysteries and the Arcana of names, powers and sacrosanct numbers and not temporal riches (Lat Nomino, Numina, Numeri and Nummi) and more that they have revealed and verbally entrusted to their truly worthy listeners, that is, to their Faithful and their {attachés}.

IV. Seriously apply your spirit to what our author [Postel] has exhibited according to his time and his genius, to be admired, sought after, applied and properly explained according to our way of seeing and our century; believe it and be firmly convinced of it. Collect thus and understand Scripture with Nature and Nature with Scripture united in a sweet and blessed union by the infinite mysteries of innumerable numbers and senses (because the word of God is infinite) and that they are not proposed and faithfully and piously exhibited only in one sense and perpetually similar to himself in all and everywhere, and only one mystery predestined and hidden from the constitution of ages, that is, Jesus Christ, savior of the world, and who is really the Incarnate, Crucified, Risen and Exalted God for Us, and, according to the Mystery and Analogy of the King, who must be spiritually Incarnate, Crucified, Risen and Exalted every day in each of us, believers, and in all until the consumption of the centuries. So finally, that all testimonies or Gentiles or Christians and all nature and writing concordant together, be applied to this one Unique and True and Living God and that every language and Spirit admits and acknowledges that it is necessary that H I C Jesus is the Christ, Ha immanu Æl, the true God and the Eternal life that is in all and in whom are all Beings. May he be blessed in the centuries.


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