Saturday, 19 January 2019

Adrian von Mynsicht - Aureum Saeculum Redivivum (The Golden Age Restored) [1622]


Adrian von Mynsicht (1603–1638) was a German Paracelsian medical doctor and alchemist. Otherwise known as Henricus or Hinricus Madathanus, Adrian Seumenicht or Sümenicht, Hadrianus a Mynsicht, Hadrianus a Munsicht, Hadrian Mynsicht; it has been suggested by some researchers that his real name was Adrian Seumenicht, with Hadrianus a Munsicht derived as anagram. ("Harmannus Datichus", mentioned in the following text, is also an anagram of the same.) Madathanus refers to himself as "Dei Gratia Aurea Crucis Frater" or
"by the Grace of God Brother of the Golden Cross".