The Hermetic Mind [Articles]

The Hermetic Mind


The Temple of the Mind (A Hermetic Clue)
Gary S, 1998

"The rules of transmutation allows the neophyte to examine or to perceive his/her brain as if it were the image of the earth. The earth has two hemispheres, North & South, and through the rules of transmutation, the brain is also attributed with two hemispheres, the Left & Right sides..."
The Garden of the Mind (Mesopotamia & Universal Mind)
Gary S, 1998
"In accordance with Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, (by the brass Tripod), in the future, there will be revelations, (to whom some may find very infuriating), hidden, (or mixed), deep within the prophecies of Nostradamus and other seers...."
Hermes the Thief
Gary S, 1998

"Hermes the divine messenger and the divine thief cannot be relied upon for our ordinary measured decisions of everyday living. He is tricky and treacherous and not easily grasped, and often his APPARENT directions can lead men and women astray into the wilderness, through LEFT paths that take the traveller into strange and infuriating places...."

A Hermetic Pole Shift
Gary S, 1998

"Lets suppose the pole shift does occur. But using the Hermetic art, instead of it being physical earth, it is instead a transmutation effect on the brain, i.e. a shift of consciousness from the left-side of the brain (Northern hemisphere), to the right-side of the brain (Southern hemisphere)...."
The End of Antichrist Dogma
Gary S, 1998
"Imagine what it would be like if all people on earth could abandon dogma and tradition. There would be no more religious contention, strife, war, or fixed controlling beliefs. Man cannot fix God, because God continuously changes. God is beyond measurement, beyond the measured and relative dimensions of Man, so why should we have a fixed and unchanging belief about God. .."
Eating the Apple
Gary S, 1998
"When Adam & Eve ate fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, they became conscious beings. They knew!!. Their conscious senses tempted their subconscious minds, so that they would know what was evil. Good and Evil thoughts only become programmed into a person, when the conscious..."
The Skull of Arcadia [Part 1]
Gary S, 1998

"The Shepherdess denotes the creative power used in the meditational task, which the knight (the horse of God), must learn to use without interruption from his attention seeking conscious senses. Nail the conscious mind to the cross by..."
Red And White (Conscious and Sub-conscious) [Part 2]
Gary S, 1998

"The Acacia bush has both red and white flowers, symbolising the conscious mind & the subconscious mind, (see the card of the The High Priestess). Black is the colour of death. X marks the spot. It's the sign of the Skull & Crossbones. The treasure is buried..."
The Pole Shift Caused an Earthquake That's Causing the Tower to Crumble
The Tower is struck by the lightning flash, which represents sudden illumination or realization. Thus the old "realities" are changed forever ... destroyed for all intents and purposes. The Lightning Bolt is Mars, for it is the force of Geburah in action, blasting away outmoded beliefs. (The process of inner growth is not pleasant, and must be painful at times...

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