Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Eliphas Levi's "Son of Man" Prophecy.

"My understanding of the possible "King from the Sky" (Quatrain 10/72) :
Bound up with these developments was the mystical concept of the Son of Man, which associated the universe with the human figure, the Sky Man, the archetypal primordial Man, the projection of the divine qualities and objectives in Creation, in whose likeness the first man, Adam, was fashioned (Gen.i.27)"

Hi Dave,

The name 'Eliphas Levi' probably means nothing to anyone in this illustrious NG [discussion group], as he is seldom if ever mentioned here. (Gary might know of him, and that's about it.) Be that as it may, Levi 'predicted' the return of The Man in 1996. Not the two witnesses - but the original son of Man, or Son of man. Bear in mind that Levi is, in fact, the founder of modern FM [Freemasonry].

Now, are you people not aware of the fact that Michel is a figure of great importance to the Freemasons? Why do you suppose that is? (And I'll give you a hint: It has nothing to do with the fact that he provided plenty of laffs at Shriners' conventions.)

You have so little time left to solve the mystery it's pathetic. What a waste of GREY MATTER. (BTW, that's another clue, Aron. Who the hell is Enmenduranna? He has nothing to do with the Egyptians.) No wonder {name withheld} and {name withheld} took a powder.
"Maybe he had his bridal chamber/wedding in 96? :) Don't you realize tht I have the whole story of that figured out? I posted it several times."
I did respond to that. As Nixon once said to Kruschev (sp?), "In some ways you may be superior to us. And in some instances we may be superior to you. After all, you don't know everything." ;o)

The point is, [Eliphas Levi] was very specific in regards to this prophecy. He said the Man in Question would emerge from central Europe, and that he would identify himself when a certain Lodge had attained 7000 members."

- {name withheld}
Date: 1998/06/05

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