Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Brothers of the Rose

Brothers of the Rose was the original form 
Or Lily if you prefer, and don't forget about the Swan. 
But these modern groups don't represent what was then the norm
Can't dismiss me as a Holy Blood Holy Grail convert or some kind of Da Vinci Code fanatic.. 
I have work and research from nearly a decade before Dan Brown had at it 
I won't channel Eliphas Levi and tell you that I have the keys... 
Or show you the reverence due to Manly Hall, and before your altar take a knee 
To some people this is gibberish, they don't know the terms I've included. 

And that's pretty much the point, to them it remains occluded

Some time ago, but not that long
I used to say "Its not me, its Metatron!"
Now i've changed my tune, not that I was wrong
I've just come to recognize the inner Lion from Zion

IAM the Sun and you are my flowers
93 current mixing old and new mental powers
Don't worry about the Adversary, sitting over there as he glowers
The forces of Mars continuing to crumble his towers
Its not quite the end but these are the late hours
The secret keys long lost are soon to be yours

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