Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Skull of Arcadia


The Shepherdess denotes the creative power used in the meditational task, which the knight (the horse of God), must learn to use without interruption from his attention seeking conscious senses.

Nail the conscious mind to the cross by removing the thoughts (the daemon) of this evil sun worshipper, (i.e. burn your books and whiten your latten/brass). The conscious mind is the tempter, who symbolically reaches his peak when the sun is at his highest, i.e. midday. Without the active conscious mind, there is no temptation. The subconscious mind is that which holds the key. The Treasure is the Unconscious Mind.

And the Blue Apples will be the fruits of a successfull endeavour, (initiation). Look at the friggin painting. Et in Arcadia Ego (its quite simple really)

The sun worshippers can keep on digging with their conscious mind. But all they'll find is empty caves, tombs and old skulls.

The clues have been left everywhere. But the conscious mind will keep on denying it. So much so, that it wouldn't suprise me if something turns up just for the sake of it. Great deception indeed, but if the monkeys would rather a banana than the truth, what the hell.

{I reply: "I whole-heartedly agree with this.  what  do people think 'synchroncity' is?" Gary continues..}

Its always been like this. The conscious minded one's tend only to see things that relate to the world of their magical conscious senses. The subconscious mind is real, but quite humble in nature, (never sensational, which is why it cannot buy or sell on its own behalf). Ask anyone who is qualified in the art of hypnosis. The conscious mind has to be 'Killed' before the subconscious mind can be heard to speak. (The resurrection). Unfortunately, when the conscious mind wakes up, the understanding of the subconscious mind is related only to how the the conscious ego can perceive it, (this imperfect mark allows it to buy and sell on behalf of its fiery beast).

Satan, (the conscious ego), is the force that prevents interaction with the subconscious, (the humble self). That is why the serpent stands between the Geminian Twins. One is the mirror image of the other. Yet it is the humbler of the two that holds the key to salvation.

The history of the 'Shepherds of Arcadia' theme can be traced back to Virgil, when he wrote about a tomb in Arcady. Also, within the inner sanctuary of the Temple of Isis, is shown Argus, the guardian of Io (both symbols of reflection), leaning on a large rock. Io is sitting on a smaller rock, looking up at Hermes, who is offering her a set of pan pipes.

When applying Hermetic thought to the work of Teniers, and the Temptation of St. Anthony, it is obvious that he is describing the process. The saint, is shown inside a stone cave, kneeling before a rough stone altar, on which rests a human skull. He is trying to read a special book (focus his mind/meditate), but his concentration is constantly being distracted by devils and demons, (conscious thoughts). Sometimes this can be portrayed as a swarm of bees flying
around the head. The Pandora myth can be quite an eye opener. 

Soma is food from the Moon. I AM OS (strange ain't it!). It reflects the light of the sun so that it can be seen more clearly. No blindness caused by looking directly at the sun. 

Mars is the 'mighty hammer' that is used to ram an iron nail into the conscious mind. (strange again eh!).

{references to our last names)

However, there is much more important work to be done. The reward for not being tempted by the glory of Lucifer's star is immeasurable to any banana he might wish to throw to the monkeys. Yet the MoonKey is where the dumbass must begin, should he ever wish to find truth.

As above, so below


Gary S

[See Part 2 - "Red and White (Conscious and Sub-conscious)"]

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