Friday, 24 July 2015

Red And White (Conscious and Sub-conscious)

Mary Magdalene kneeling in a grotto with her gaze fixed (meditation) on a rough cross made from the branches of an acacia bush. Beside her, on the ground, is an open book and a bare skull. Her hands are on her lap, but with the fingers interlaced in a prominent but far from natural manner.
[See Part 1 - "The Skull of Arcadia"]

The Acacia bush has both red and white flowers, symbolising the conscious mind & the subconscious mind, (see the card of the The High Priestess). Black is the colour of death. X marks the spot. It's the sign of the Skull & Crossbones. The treasure is buried deep in the place of the Skull. Not a exoteric place, but an esoteric place. Inside the Skull is the source of the universal mind. Not the conscious ego, (Red), not even the more humble subconscious, (White Virgin, but now blood stained by the conscious mind), but the unconscious universal mind, (The Black Virgin).

This is where the spirit comes out from the void/emptiness, the Black Madonna/Sophia/Isis, who also has other names attributed to her, including Hecate, hence the Hecatomb. She carries the sun and moon under her feet, (revelations).

Are you ready for this? The Captain Kidd maps were never meant to be read exoterically. Nor was many of the books in the OT and the Gospel stories. They are based loosely on a cast of characters who were real people, but these characters never existed in the conscious sense of how the literal texts (mans word), has portrayed them. There is only one sense in which the neophyte, (knight), must read these books, and it is not in the sense of the conscious ego.  

But he turned and said to Peter, (the conscious ego), get thee behind me, Satan; thou art an offence unto me; for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.- Matthew 16:23
Hermes is Thrice Greatest

There is so much more, but i feel it would encourage the redness of the conscious ego to censor it. So, i shall therefore rest my fingers from this keyboard for now.


Gary S

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