Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Eating the Apple

When Adam & Eve ate fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, they became conscious beings. They knew!!. Their conscious senses tempted their subconscious minds, so that they would know what was evil.

Good and Evil thoughts only become programmed into a person, when the conscious mind has eaten from the tree of knowledge. Without knowledge there is only innocence. For instance, a newly born child cannot know what evil thoughts are, since it does not know what evil is. But the child was born innocent, (pure subconscious mind), which is good.

But when the child becomes conscious of his or her identity, (the conscious ego), the child learns evil so that he/she can then judge inwardly what it is to be good. This is a judgement that the conscious ego must make, and strangely enough, it is all relative to, (yes you guessed it), the conscious ego. Now the more powerful and authoritive this beast, the more evil it will think to know, so that it can judge the evil that it itself had manifested into its own subconscious, onto those who did not know of it before. So tell me which mind is corrupt, the innocent minded native, or the power, authority and superior identity within the mind of the invader?.

Now you are absolutely correct, when you say nobody can be perfect, It is a delusion to believe anything else. To believe that one has not participated in evil, is ignorance, since the participation of evil is the knowing of it. By simply knowing what is evil, you have the potential to manifest that evil. Whether you manifest evil in your life time or not, is besides the point. In different environmental conditions you just might, (i.e. just look at what people are capable of doing in times of war and riots). And whether you like it or not, your subconscious mind holds the key to that Truth. So when the book of life is opened, so is the subconscious. Result, satan is chained and thrown into the pit.

We must all strive to purify our thoughts. No one ever said it would be an easy challenge. But we ourselves who are aware of evil, should be aware of this also. In fact most people are, but they believe its OK to wait and be told. Holy water is the purifyer and it is poured over your head. In essence, it is not real water, as what we are led to believe. Hermetically, it is the water of the subconscious.


Gary S

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