Monday, 29 June 2015

The End of Antichrist Dogma

Imagine what it would be like if all people on earth could abandon dogma and tradition. There would be no more religious contention, strife, war, or fixed controlling beliefs. Man cannot fix God, because God continuously changes. God is beyond measurement, beyond the measured and relative dimensions of Man, so why should we have a fixed and unchanging belief about God. 

Dogma is fixed and unchanging. It is cold like a rock. It causes hatred, war, stubborness, prejudice, and all wickedness in mankind. its roots are deeply embedded in Man's left-sided thinking. Man's knowledge is less than divine, it will always be less than the right-sided trinity of 777. It will always be 666, unless God intervenes before we destroy ourselves. The antichrist is of the wicked, because he consumes and fixes beliefs on behalf of his own powerful ego. 

The Christ is of the good, because he liberates thinking, so changes can take place, in order to help us reach toward the source, which is symbolically represented by 888. Jesus Christ was a Heretic, who became persecuted with hatred, and then sacrificed, because his new ideas did not conform to the "I KNOW" of those who had severe self-opinion of themselves. 

Think about it!!. Without Change, man becomes stagnant. It will always be a mental conflict! to our left-sided way of thinking.

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Gary S.
May 6 1998, 3:00 am
(I am not Gary S)

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