Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Two Truths

Unas, the small orphan (tefen), went to law with the sister (Tefnet). 
The Two Truths judged, while Shu was a witness. 
The Two Truths have decreed that the thrones of Geb should come to him 
and that he should raise himself to what he wanted. 

Bring together (then) his members, which shall be secret. 
He joins those who are in Nwn, he leaves his testament in Heliopolis. 
Lo! Unas comes out on this day in the true form of a living Akh-spirit 

So that Unas interrupts the fight, so that he punishes strife. 
Unas comes out, the guardian of Maat, 
he brings it while it is with him.