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The Temple of the Mind (A Hermetic Clue)

The Temple of the Mind
 (A Hermetic Clue)

The rules of transmutation allows the neophyte to examine or to perceive his/her brain as if it were the image of the earth. The earth has two hemispheres, North & South, and through the rules of transmutation, the brain is also attributed with two hemispheres, the Left & Right sides:

To look North is to "Think" using the finite and logical Left-Side of your brain.

To look South is to "Think" using the infinite and symbolic Right-Side of your brain.

To look West is to "Observe" using your Physical eyes.

To look East is to "Observe" using your Spiritual eyes.

So there you have it, coming from the four corners of the Earth. On which side of this Temple, do you suppose is the Altar?

Are you Now any wiser. (-;

The Treasure or Gold, spoken about in many of the ancient and, dare i say, even in some modern works, is always in the EAST, or EST, as they might refer to it in French. Can you find it?

Now where is that famous Garden, described in Genesis, located?

Food for thought!


Gary S
15 Mar 1998

From: {Me}
Actually, I think it takes awhile for a neophyte to really get it. The "gods" always come from the east, too. Of course, both the Kingdom of God and "Eden" can be said to be internal. But I don't think it's the only level of meaning. And the unification and/or reconcilation of both sides of the brain is not just Alchemaic, it is the goal of Kabbalists, and of true Tarot


Well done Greg


Gary S

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