Thursday, 16 April 2015

Hermes the Thief

Hermes the Thief

Hermes the divine messenger and the divine thief cannot be relied upon for our ordinary measured decisions of everyday living. He is tricky and treacherous and not easily grasped, and often his APPARENT directions can lead men and women astray into the wilderness, through LEFT paths that take the traveller into strange and infuriating places.

To follow your inner guide does not necessarily mean that you measure-up the choices into the secure and guaranteed results expected of the left side of your brain. Often it is the opposite sense of what you have supposed, as is a reflection in a mirror. But Hermes is the master of the four elements, his wisdom can penetrate the mind, the imagination, the heart and the body. Without the influence of Hermes, (our inner guide), we would not have the inner resources to guide us to TRUTH, only the directions of others, who will doom us to travel like sheep on to the same worn out measured track as everyone else. 

The neophyte must first ride on an ass, (as would a fool), and encounter Hermes at the crossroads, before he can reach the city of peace (Jerusalem). But he must also be prepared for the terror & fear of the unknown and be ready to fight the demons with the sword of TRUTH, for the visitations of the inner guide will not come to fruit if the neophyte continues to hide safely behind material rocks.

One day the barreness of the right side of the brain will cause the return with vengeance of Hermes, who will come as a thief in the night to steal and remove the solid foundations of the left side of the brain (the mountains and the rocks), so that the TRUTH will become experienced by all. To some, this will be like their whole world caving in around them. The whole mind (book) will then be opened. No longer will dark secrets be kept hidden. For many do not realise that their mind is but a temporary seperation from one whole infinite mind.

May the open-minded sleep soundly!


Gary S 
Oct 26 1998
[disclaimer: I am not Gary S]