Friday, 24 April 2015

A Specialized Approach.

"There is no simplified Sufism; yet it disappears from the area of cognition of such ill-defined minds as may be confident that they can understand it, penetrate anything "spiritual" by virtue of what is truly a woolly, self-assumed perceptiveness. To the Sufi, such a personality, however vocal he may be (and he often is) hardly exists at all. Anyone who says "It is all so indescribable, but I just feel what you mean," is unlikely to be able to profit by Sufism. For Sufis are working, are carrying out an effort to awaken a certain field of consciousness by means of an approach that is specialized, no fortuitious. Sufism does not trade in airy-fairiness, mutual admiration, or lukewarm generalities. When the 'bite' disappears, so, too, does the Sufic element from a situation. The converse is also true. Sufism is not directed to a section of the community - for no such section exists - but to a certain faculty within individuals. Where this faculty is not activated, there is no Sufism. It contains 'hard' as well as 'soft' realities, discord as well as harmony, the sharp brightness of awakening as well as the gentle dark of a lulling to sleep." - "The Sufis", Idries Shah.

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